Artist Profile: Sage Francis

CD Review Sage Francis

Sage Francis for president. That’s right, it’s time to think past the current election where the faceless fights the brainless. It’s time to re-instate a bit of passion to the highest office in this country where generic, empty promises rule. What better person to look to than Sage Francis? He’s the Providence, Rhode Island emcee who isn’t afraid to let it all hang out, in the name of good, ol’ fashioned, fuck off if you don’t like it, honesty.

Everything you need to know about the greatest presidential candidate in American history is all in Sage’s music. His solo debut, “Personal Journals” will let you into his mind-state, as his slam poetry roots come out in his nearly disturbing confessions of life. Being an Anticon release, featuring production from the likes of Alias, Sixtoo, and Odd Nosdam, the unique and abstract textures should let the public know, Sage Francis is a man who seeks progress and change. For a loot at Sage’s philosophies on society in general, and hip-hop in some particular cases, look no further than the Non-Prophet’s (Sage and Joe Beats) “Hope”.

Over thumping boom-bap and hard basslines Sage Francis proves he is not only one incredible wordsmith but a true humanitarian (“I attended candlelight vigils for Matthew Sheppard/ While you put out another ‘fuck you faggot’ record”). And if you wait until autumn of this year, you can grab Sage’s first release off of the punk powerhouse, Epitaph, which promises to be his most political record ever. Above all of this, Sage truly loves America. He was the only one truly patriotic enough to question and ask more of the authorities, post 9/11, with “Makeshift Patriot”. Released only one month after the tragic events, Sage was not going to let the smoke and mirrors put up by the Bush administration blind him, as he brought up the issues of corrupt journalism and using a tragedy to bring the world more tragedy in the form of war. He warns us on “Hey Bobby”, that we should not lose our logic in trying times.

Truly, without a worry of what the public says, Sage Francis brings fury and truth to a hip-hop art that lacks much of either. Furthermore, he brings humanity to a country and a world, that has forgotten what that concept means. And for that, efforts should begin now to compel Sage Francis to run for president.