This future superstar is 15 year old Casey Bishop.

She recently gave her shot at being a contestant on season 19 of American Idol that kicked off on February 14th, 2021.

Although her choice of song material might have been deemed ‘questionable’ by some.

It sure raised the judges eyebrows when she proclaimed that she was going to do a Motely Crue song… acapella… and NOT the song you probably first thought of. Or even the second, or third song you might think would work for a young singer.

No… this little rocker from Florida chooses, “Live Wire”. A razor edged, blistering deep cut from the Crue’s FIRST album, 1981’s “Too Fast For Love”.

Despite telling judges at the beginning that she has “no experience performing” and that “most of the people that know that I love to sing are my friends… that’s pretty much it.”… she fucking NAILS it.

Just to put that into proper perspective of how well she reworked that track into her own voice, while still maintaining the essence of the song, check out the original from Motley Crue.

It didn’t take long for Nikki Sixx, the Motely Crue bassist who wrote the track, to chime in with his approval with a tweet that reads: “14 year old girl slays Live Wire A cappella…..Check it out.” and shared the clip. The official Motley Crue Twitter also threw up their recognition by saying: “Congratulations to Casey Bishop who blew away the judges away with an awesome rendition of ‘Live Wire.’”

I’m guessing that considering how passionate and connected this girl is to this kind of music, getting that kind of props from Motely Crue was just as, if not more exciting, that the American Idol experience.

Here is to hoping she can bring that rock and roll fire all the way to the finals!