This is a ‘team’ of archery tag players. Posing. Because, apparently, if you actually belong to an archery tag team, part of the deal is to pose, usually in an ‘attack’ posture, for a group photo. I think it is supposed to be intimidating, so stop giggling.

Also, not the pips of the 5 on a giant dice. (Did you know those are called pips?)

That is the ‘target’ and one of the few paths to victory in an archery tag duel. Skirmish. Match… whatever overly fierce name they attach to a game where giant foam tipped arrows are lobbed across designated fields in yet another way for man to pretend to kill each other for fun.

And aside from the nerfed bows (the power is obviously limited to a certain draw weight), it does look fun.

I mention the low power bows, because one of the rules actually allows for a player to ‘catch’ an arrow shot from an opposing player, which allows for the arrow-catcher to ‘revive’ or bring back one of his own teammates that had previously been tagged out.


‘Hey… these foam things rip right off… cool.’ – 13 year old boy, any state in America

There are three ways to win: (1) eliminate all opposing players, (2) knock out all 5 of the opposing teams target, (3) or be the team with the most targets remaining at the end of a pre-determined match length.

Typically, there is a designated field of two clearly marked sides, often with a ‘safe area’ that separates the opposite sides. The safe area is used as a neutral zone that players are not allowed to fire, or be fired upon, and is used to exit the field once tagged, or gather arrows available.



But people have improvised… hay bails will work.


Or say… you know the cleaning staff at a hotel and can pull off late night shenanigans…


Jungle themes can give that extra sense of ‘real’. Sort of…


Sometimes, they set them up in the water for an extra splash of fun. Sorry… that was terrible.


It’s only a matter of time before someone makes it more ‘extreme’.



Still not scary.

Apparently, the level of fierceness is all in the naming. If you want to be Robin Hood, you go to…


If you want to be Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, you go to…


But if you want to do BATTLE… you will have to face these warriors.


Success at Archery Tag depends on one’s form…

Proper form. Most definitely.

Proper form. Most definitely.

I figured I’d give it a shot.


The basic gear load-out… safety first.


Because sometimes… you gotta be loaded for bear.



Ok… she’s a little bit scary.

If you are still curious, here is an instructional video that should give you more than enough information on archery tag.

But if you get enough people together, in the right space, with a ref in one of those plastic bubbles…