This is professional skateboarder Bucky Lasek.

Not to be confused with professional stoner Blake Anderson.

Lasek is an OG skateboarder, born in 1972, his story is the stuff of legend.

After his bike was stolen at age 12, young Bucky got himself a skateboard. By age 15 he was scouted by professional skateboard producers and renowned skate team Powell-Peralta. And while a respectable pro-skateboarding career followed, it’s when the X-games blew up the scene in the late 90’s that Lasek’s career hit the stratosphere.

From 1999-2013, Bucky Lasek dominated the vert world, winning no less than 10 gold 1st place finishes, with 8 more silvers and 2 more bronzes.

And even more impressive to the average kid, he was in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 videogame. Now that is legendary.

Toss in his appearances on Viva La Bam and a Pink video… yeah, Lasek is a rock-star of the skate world.

Bucky has been doing this a long time. When asked if skateboarding keeps him young, Lasek says,

“I do feel like it keeps me young. There’s no mirrors in skateboarding. And if you are watching yourself on video, you don’t see the wrinkles. You see the energy that you are putting out.”

So it’s totally fitting that Powell-Peralta included him in their “Powell-Peralta Skateboarding Stories” series of mini-docs that cover a range of different skaters as well as the history of the company itself.

The Bucky Lasek feature clocks in under 12 minutes, so this is easy to digest.

Like all great skate videos, this one comes jam-packed with ripping music from bands like, Spider, Last Point, Up Your Guts, and Rich Kids on LSD. Check out some of those tracks…

Spider: “Energy Gone Wrong”

Last Point: “Redeemer”

Up Your Guts: “Shit Breath”

Rich Kids on LSD: “Tribute To The Jester”

And here is a cool 4 min doc on how the Powell-Peralta skate company got its start and what it looks like to operate today.



The author’s own super-sweet OG Powell-Peralta ride…