This is the ‘Beanshooter Man’… Rufus Hussey.

His skill with a slingshot is legendary.

He mastered his weapon of choice in his youth. Growing up on a poor farm family of 13, the slingshot was a way of getting something to eat.

Just a ‘lil snack

His artistry with a slingshot gifted the man with the ability to hit a walnut tossed into the air!

Oh that didn’t impress you? How about if he picked off a quarter in mid-air… which makes a wicked cool sound you’ve probably never heard before. (check the documentary below.)

He made his own slingshots using dogwood.

An original Rufus Hussey. Probably worth… like… a lot.

Rufus got such a reputation for his slingshot skills, he was invited to appear on The Johnny Carson Show back in the day.

How does someone get so good at anything?

Answer: The man didn’t have a television or a telephone.

This video has been floating around the internet for awhile, but in case you missed it… you gotta love these ‘classic’ news clips.


Sadly, Rufus left us all long ago (back in 1994)… so I bet it would blow his mind to know through the power of television and now internet (and perhaps even a phone if that’s what you are reading this on)… people can still get a smile from what he could do better than anyone else.