The guy in the Daft Punk t-shirt is Ryan Gitter.

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This was a spotting at a 2008 Comic-Con. He is a low profile type artist whose picture is rather hard to track down.

Thankfully, his amazing computer game concept art is much easier to find and highlight for your viewing.

You might have seen some of his work in Halo 4, Planetside 2, or Starhawk. He is currently employed at the high profile game studio Bungie (Destiny, Halo) as a concept artist.

Computer art in general, and game art in particular, seem to get side-lined by the ‘mainstream’ art-world. Paint a landscape on a two-dimensional plane, and people frame it and call it art. Create lush, 3-dimensional, interactive worlds and people dismiss it as ‘game art’. When is the last time you heard a video game art display being featured at any prominent art gallery?

But I challenge you to digest some of Ryan Gitter’s work and not allocate him some kind of master level artist label befitting talent of his caliber.

Ryan_Gitter_Concept_Art_Illustration_07.jpg (1920×960)

You can see more of Ryan Gitter’s art on his webpage at: