This is a GolfBoard.

An electric skateboard/golf cart hybrid designed for a single rider.

And drunk people. These are so designed for drunk people.

The GolfBoard has won a PGA ‘Best New Product’ award… because, it is.

It will set you back about the price of a used car ($6,500.00).

For anyone who has ridden a skateboard/surfboard/anyboard and golfs, this is a no-brainer and this video will bring the ‘want to do that’ feelings.

But it seems tame enough that once the old people get over their initial heart-attacks that yet another thing is changing around them… they might actually adapt to one.

If they can swing a club… they can catch a grass wave.

Or they will be shunned as “…those goddamn kids with their wheelie boards.” by people who are holding up the green.