Interview: Dropsonic

interview by tom maxwell

No matter what anyone tries to tell you about music you only have to remember one thing, when it comes to rock music, if your gonna play, play that shit fucking loud!!! Dropsonic is a rock-n-roll band with bigger hooks and more vocal explosions than any other rock band on the market, end of story. Dan Dixon’s voice and guitarmanship simply has not been matched by any other true rock band out there right now. While he has upped the ante for all those pussy rock bands like Creed they are a relatively unknown band still. Creed would be like “Drop who…?” you son of a bitch, “that band who’s sure to rip you a new asshole if given the chance.” I want to put that fucker from Creed and Chad Kroger on a butcher block for making that pussy ballad for the Spiderman movie. You could sing that song in church and it’s considered rock? People need to pull their heads out of their asses and listen to this band. Dan was in a spunky mood on this occasion…

Man that last album “belle” was a real rock record if I’ve ever heard one before. How has it been received by your fans?

Dan: My mother says it’s quite possibly the most unabashed rock n’ roll record of the year, rife with riffage, emotion, and shimmering hooks. But then again, she was drunk at the time.

Is it hard to establish a band with this type of sound?

Dan: Didn’t you hear me? We’re rife with riffage!

Right, I bet your fans are almost cultish.

Dan: Druids, all of them.

What is the age breakdown at the average dropsonic show?

Dan: It varies dependent on the venue. But last night, I’d say 15 to 28.

So the old fogies and adolescent alike have really taken to your sound. Is this what you would expect?

Dan: I have no expectations other than that some people will cover their ears and leave, ’cause we’re damn loud.

How many times do you think you’ve listened to a Led Zeppelin album in your lifetime?

Dan: Led who?

When you guys get together do you ever find yourselves just rocking out to a plethora of classic rock music?

Dan: We’ve been known to play an AC/DC cover or 2.

Where in the hell did you learn to sing like that? Thom Yorke eat your fucking heart out, except you still play rock music.

Dan: I’m going for a John Lydon meets Bon Scott thing. It’s a little pretentious, I know.

Do you consider yourself someone who wears their faith on their sleeve? The best examples I can give are the songs “congregate” and “eyesore.” I mean how much of your album deals with morality and humanness in a sort of love thy neighbor and God is watching you sort of way?

Dan: My faith? The moral issue is that god is you. There is no eye in the sky. There are no rules, and right and wrong are whatever you want them to be. There’s no god.

So what do you think Sammy or David?

Dan: Personally I liked Sam and Dave better as a duo when they were still on Stax in the 60’s. I have this DVD of them with Otis Redding in Europe, it kicks ass.

So, when you guys play live do you play all of those terrific solos to the T or do you sort of improvise up there?

Dan: I wing it. The more cobble wobble I drink, the higher we fly!

Do you have any significant plans for dropsonic in the coming year?

Dan: To get another record out by September and get out of bed by noon at least twice a week. No really.

Thank you for your time. Keep on rocking.

Dan: No, thank YOU.