Interview: Frank Jordan

by gordon downs


This power trio from Carmichael, California originally formed in 1994 as an instrumental band with two drummers. With Devin Hurely behind the skins, and Matt Ontjes on the bass, Mike Visser is the man on guitar and vocals for Frank Jordan. So I must ask: Who the fuck is Frank Jordan?

“Frank Jordan was this guy in San Francisco who apparently tried to put a ban on outdoor music,” explains Visser from his home in Northern California. “We figured we’ll have a better band name when something better comes along. And nothing ever came along!”

With two recordings under their belt, (an EP entitled “8-Songs” and their debut full-length “Decoy”) Frank Jordan is ready to unleash their latest album, “Milk The Thrills” into the world of independent music. Recorded in Southern California, “Milk The Thrills” wasn’t just another typical recording session, as the trio lived in the studio itself for nearly two months.

“We lived there, slept there, shit there, ate there, showered there.” Visser ruminates. “We had mattress’ in the studio. We’d wake up at the crack of noon and start recording. It was amazing! It was one of the best times of my life. I learned a lot from (producer) Eddie Ashworth. It was kind of like going to school for me. Towards the end though, it was kinda getting a little nutty.” Visser adds.

The end result is triumphant piece of work. The ten songs that comprise “Milk The Thrills” are some serious guitar-driven tunes with a frenetic business about them; liken to that of those indie-rockers who dance feverously at any given gig on any given night. Touring relentlessly for the past several years, Frank Jordan would eventually sign with Devil In The Woods Records, a staple when it comes to independent music in Northern California. After the first spin, the distortion, harmonies and riffs on “Milk The Thrills” automatically reminded me of one of the nineties finest bands – Archers of Loaf.

“Really! I’ve never even heard them!” Visser laughs into the receiver. “I love hearing that we sound like bands that we’ve never listened to!”

Do something right and check out “Milk The Thrills.”