Interview: Howard Hello

interview by gordon downs

If you’re a regular reader of Modern Fix, you’ve probably seen the name Kenseth Thibideau in these pages before. A versatile multi-instrumentalist, Thibideau’s current side project, the raucous outfit known as Sleeping People was featured in our last issue. And to tell ya truth, upon hearing his recent work as Howard Hello, I had to see what was up with his latest amazing piece of work known as “Don’t Drink His Blood.” (Temporary Residence LTD.) I had a chance to talk with Thibideau, after his most recent outing with Pinback. Yes. Yet another amazing band he works with!

So Kenseth, what do you do during the day when you’re not playing music with all these talented bands you’re currently in?
“I work at a studio called Singing Serpent.”

So this most recent Howard Hello album, “Don’t Drink His Blood” was released back in October of 2003. How’s the response to it been?
“Since then, it’s been doing pretty well. I’ve just now been starting to get some reviews back.”

So how’d you hook up with Marty Anderson?
“I lived in San Francisco when I hooked up with Temporary Residence. I was in a band called Rumah Sakit, and Marty’s in a band called Dilute, and we always used to play shows together.”

I never heard your last band Rumah Sakit before? Is it a far cry from Sleeping People, or something sounding closer to Howard Hello?
“Basically, Sleeping People for me is like an extension of Rumah Sakit. The bass and the style I’m writng with S. P. is not a far cry from Rumah Sakit.”

Can we be expecting any new Howard Hello material in 2004?

“I will do another recording; like an EP this year for Howard Hello.”