Interview: Lil Pocket Knife

interview by gordon downs

In the land of Milk and Honey there exists a small group of people who are committed to taking control of the lower part of your body and making it dance and gyrate. That small group of people consists of three individuals: one of them seemingly dubbed “No Skills,” another simply referred to as George; and last but not certainly not least, Lil Pocket Knife herself, Kristy Geschwandtner. Transmitting their beats out of their home base in San Francisco, California; Lil Pocket Knife seems poised to take over the stereo at the next hipster party you “accidentally” attend. Off the strength of their catchy and dance-do-ha five-song debut entitled, “Pants Control,” (available thru Narnack Records) I decided to hit the LPK crew up and see what was crapplin’ up in SF, and inquire into the current status of Lynnae’s skill(s).

(Please use the following *key* for band members names & corresponding answers.)

*G = [George Patterson]
*NS = No Skills [Lynnae Burns]
*LP = Lil’ Pocketknife [Kristy Geschwandtner]

What’s up with LPK? How’d you guys meet up and become a band?
G: Lynnae made me move to San Francisco. Then Kristy was hanging out in the desert and got caught in an experiment and became Lil Pocketknife. She used her powers to make us form a band.

What sort of music are you currently listening to?
G: The Gaylads.
NS: Troublefunk.
LP: The Shangri-Las.

What kind of Keytar is that? Where’d you come across it?
G: The finest keytar in my collection is a Korg that I got from David A. Pomeranz, California Bar #182510. He was a very sincere keytar fan and had the Korg custom painted with an “electric stone” finish. He told me that playing keytar is fun because you can “rock out in front of the band like a guitar player”.

Any other instruments LPK has acquired over the years?
G: Many, many, many keytars. Anyone have a keytar they want to sell?
LP: Lots of Delta Lab Effectrons.

I’ve never been to a LPK gig, what’s the touring schedule look like for the summer and fall of 2004?
LP: Here and there. Nothing big planned…yet. You should come to SF:)

“Pants Control” is a brief but booty shakin’ album When’s the next album due?
LP: Narnack has to answer that one.
G: We would like to know too.

How’s the recording going?
G: Kristy gets to “sing” on the new album – its funny. There are a few songs that are wonderfully pathetic. We show our sensitive side. More falsetto.
NS: Number 5 Alive. Grasshopper Dead!
Any tentative titles for the album or song titles?
G: We have a song about a little bird who dreams of ice cream and escape, a song about slaying dragons, some songs about rocking and dancing and so forth, a breakup song about Lil B breaking up with her special boyfriend whom we will all miss, etc.
LP: The tentative album title is “Ice Cream Tears.”

Why exactly does Lynnae not have any “skills?” She seems like a good drummer to me?
G: She has a good 3 beats down. I think at this point she should change her name to 3 skillz.
NS: Call me 3 Skills.

Any new music we didn’t already talk about that you could turn myself and the readers of Modern Fix on to?
NS: Willpower, Cheeky Girls.
G: China Dolls.