Interview: Victim of Modern Age

interview by tom maxwell


Up and comers Victim Of Modern Age are a potent blend of what was and what will be. In a handful of questions, these boys from the dirty south cleared the air about Barbara Walters, their foray into music video and performing on a blessed voodoo stage. What more do you need to know about a band that count Hum and Dream Theater among their favorites?

When I think of Louisiana, metal and funk come to mind. How did your sound come about?
VOMA is some kind of smoothie, a veritable mix of directions. Members come from their own area and background. We’d like to think our differences are what make us a pretty diverse band.

Does the name “Victim of Modern Age” allude to anything in particular?
Yes, it came from a climatic part in ‘A Clockwork Orange.’ The old man recalls what happened to he and his wife. We think it is a pretty universal concept… that everyone is a Victim of Modern Age.

Has anyone in the group had any real-life encounters with voodoo?
When we played in Baton Rouge w/ Benton Falls and many of our friends bands, some guy thought we needed a blessing… walked in off the street and started blessing the stage area. Does this count?

Favorite bands?
Dan: Zeppelin, the Breeders
Bobby: Hum
Nathan: Dream Theater
Allen: Braid, the Pixies

How would you describe the band to Barbara Walters if she interviewed you?
Allen: Barbara Walters will bring up past experiences. She will try to make me cry… and I will resent it.
Bobby & Nathan: Who’s Barbara Walters?

Your record label, Universal Warning, notes on their website that you’re working on a music video for the song “Instruct to Destruct.” Can you describe the idea behind the video?
Allen: First of all we wanted to try and capture a bit of what a live show might be like, but in solitary, like… without the people. A short storyline depicts a struggle for individuality against psychological noise. It should be out soon… we hope everyone has the chance to see and enjoy it.

A lot of Southern California bands have an identifiable sound, which is sometimes attributed to the weather. Do you think the same might be true for bands from the Gulf coast area?
Nathan: I think the weather does have an effect… it effects one’s outlook and one’s emotions.

What’s your favorite place to shop for music?
Dan: Ebay
Bobby: Shows
Allen: Going out of Business Sales
Nathan: Shows

When will the full length be out?
Early Spring 2003!

What’s the band’s consensus opinion on the Britney vs. Christina Issue?
Bobby: What’s Modern Fix’s consensus opinion on the Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan Issue?
Allen: I’m sorry we just don’t know how to answer and aren’t aware there’s an issue with Chrissy and Brit.