Biters sign with Earache, rock lives on


Yes. Rock lives on.

I’m talking about that 70’s radio guitar rock. The kind of purity that comes with a sleeveless tshirt, jean jacket and too many drunken tattoos.

Atlanta has graced the world with Biters. And Earache Records signed’em. Brilliant.

Somehow a bunch of young punks who grew up on Cheap-Trick, The Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy, AC-DC, Deep Purple, and anything else with a guitar that sounds good in a car at 120 mph found each other and formed Biters.

They say music goes in cycles… and it will be bands like Biters that bring rock band round again.

Lead singer Tuk sums up their vision: “Corporate pop culture and fairweather fads is just something I’m not interested in. I still choose to play rock ‘n’ roll, because I still believe in rock ‘n’ roll.”

Their upcoming Earchache release entitled, “Electric Blood” will drop on July 13th. Check out the single, ‘Restless Hearts’.

But until then, here is their video for “So Many Nights”.