Review: The Giant Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle

Various Artists
“The Giant Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle”
(Fork In Hand)

This is a pretty rad compilation.  First of all, the artwork inside the jacket is some of the cooler dada/avant-garde stuff around.  Second of all, the music is cool.  “Swindle” features such diverse acts as The Hives, The Bouncing Souls, Modest Mouse, and about fifteen others.

Modest Mouse’s “White Lies, Yellow Teeth” really kicks some serious screamo ass, full of blistering chords and tempo changes.  “100 Resolutions” by The Lawrence Arms combines some of the better elements of Gameface without coming across nearly as whiney.  They rule.

Avoid One Thing’s “Lean On Sheena” is way popular on the local college radio station (hey, I used to be in college, it’s okay that I listen to it) and it’s catchy and has a little electronic sort of thing to it that makes me want to date a girl named Sheena.

Remember when The Suicide Machines were cool?  Then they put out that god-awful that was all poppy and radio friendly.  Well, if “Perseverance” is any indication, they’re back to their old ways of kicking you in the teeth in a positive sort of way.

Gonzalez is a trip-hop band with a good sense of humor.

Who the hell are Smackin’ Isiah?  They rule.  They sound like Taking Back Sunday but I think I like them more.

“Private Radio” by The Bouncing Souls will make you want to dance.  You won’t find a better comp.