This is Kamelot.

They play symphonic power metal. The genre sounds like a heavy metal Game of Thrones.

It has the speed and aggression of heavy metal, but with layers of classical and medieval influences woven throughout. It commands a higher level of musicianship and Kamelot is one of the scene’s finest.

I want them to be from some remote village in Norway… but they are really from Tampa Bay, Florida.

Kamelot are on their 3rd singer with Swedish born Tommy Karevik, so the European vibe is there. The band has hosted a number of musicians on a prolific number of studio albums and even more members with live touring ensembles.

It is with founders Thomas Youngblood and Richard Warner that the spark of Kamelot burns constant.

A new album called, “Haven” drops May 4th on Napalm Records.

The band has released a preview single entitled, “Veil of Elysium” and is the soundtrack to many a Dungeons and Dragons nerd fest.

This goes well with a +3 Halberd and a d20.