This is Ghost, a Swedish occult metal band.

The singer calls himself Papa Emeritus III and the rest of the band are simply credited as “nameless ghouls”.

See the upside down crosses? Satan. Hide this from your children… which will make them want to listen to Ghost that much more.

And your kids could definitely do worse… all gimmicks aside, Ghost are far above average in talent and their ambition in creating hauntingly symphonic, dark, gothic metal.

The band formed in 2008 and released a few albums that have all gained the unit much deserved accolades, awards, and attention.

Their third full length, “Meliora” has been their biggest album yet, spawning the single, “Cirice”. That song wound up earning the mysterious group of musicians a Grammy in 2016 for Best Metal Performance (beating out Lamb of God, Slipknot, and Sevendust).

Here you go… Best Metal Performance of 2015…

A way-too-bubbly reporter for Billboard managed to get a few words with Papa Emeritus III on the rep carpet. I get the impression that Ghost are in on their own joke. The Swedes have a wickedly dry sense of humor. I’d love it if we found out someday these were just a bunch of idiots from Hoboken.

Here is a short clip of Ghost’s acceptance speech. Again, those crazy Swedes…

Another cool Swede..

Here are the other songs that Ghost beat for the Best Metal Performance.

Did the correct band win? Let us know what you think…

August Burns Red, “Identity”

Lamb of God, “512”   *MF pic for the Grammy

Sevendust, “Thank You”

Slipknot, “Custer”

For the record… Tenacious D won this last year, beating out Anthrax, Mastodon, Motorhead, and Slipknot… so… it’s obvious the Grammy committee doesn’t know shit about metal.