This is progressive death metal band Fallujah.

The San Francisco unit has been redefining the death metal genre since 2007.

Fallujah takes the demonic, guttural assault of vocals that traditionally define the genre, and meld it with sweeping, majestic sonic soundscapes that typically sound more at home in the gothic metal scene.

The combination has a brought a fresh breath to a stale genre as the band creates a new sub-genre of death metal, ‘Atmospheric Death Metal’.

To the uninitiated, such minor distinctions are probably lost on ears that don’t appreciate the sheer speed and technical ferocity in which such dark, aggressive music is delivered.

But for those that normally associate death and black metal with a certain production value that sometimes muddies up the sound, a band like Fallujah should bring a new level of excitement.

The band latest effort, “Dreamless” (Nuclear Blast), will come out in April of 2016.


The band comments on the albums release:

“‘Dreamless‘ is the culmination of nearly a year’s worth of hard work; bringing you an album that is not simply a follow-up, but a massive leap forward from what we have achieved so far with Fallujah. These are, without a doubt, the most powerful, emotional and dynamic songs we have every produced as a band.

“Now, we finally have a team of professionals at Nuclear Blast Records to help make this record as impactful and imposing as our records have ever been. The album is nearly an hour long and our fans will have more content than ever to experience, with songs ranging from crushingly epic to delicately subtle.

“We can’t think of a better time to put this record out than on tour with our old friends in The Black Dahlia Murder, so stay tuned for new songs, new tours and some fantastic pre-order packages we have in store for you!”

One advance track has been made available for streaming.

Brace yourself for, ‘Scar Queen’

Here is some live Fallujah… ‘Starlit Path’