This is Tony Harnell.

He used to sing for TNT.

Now he is going to sing for Skid Row.

He will be replacing Johnny Solinger who has been fronting the seminal 80’s band for the last 14 years.

Tony Harnell says: “I’m so excited and honored to be a part of such a great band with an amazing legacy and legions of faithful fans. The guys and I have known each other for many years and this is such a natural fit. I look forward to getting out there and playing live together and being a part of making new music and creating our future together. It’s time to rock.”

Skid Row founding guitarist Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo comments on the departure of Solinger: “We had a lot of great times together and created a lot of great music. We wish him nothing but the best.”

Bass player Rachel Bolan adds: “Sometimes things just end. People go in different directions and grow apart and you have to make a decision. He will always be our brother.”

Long time fans would like to see the obvious choice of Sebastian Bach returning to front the band he led to fame, and frankly, has never been the same since his departure.

Sabo comments “It wasn’t something that we entertained. It’s just something that we didn’t even think about. Making a change for us was about getting somebody new.”

Skid Row has plans on releasing the third part of their “United World Rebellion” EPs this summer.

Here is what a Bach-less Skid Row has been up to:


I interviewed Sebastian Bach once. He stole my weed. True story.

It was an accident.

It was an accident.