The Great Discord has been signed to Metal Blade.

The band hails from Sweden.

Not a lot of press exists because the band formed in 2013. And now they are signed to Metal Blade. Impressive.

The bands bio offers up influences of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Meshuggah, and Genesis…

I am assuming the Meshuggah reference comes from the occasionally tricky stutter or semi-complex song structures… but comparing them to the mechanical animal of mathmatical metal that is Meshuggah might be misleading.

This is something akin to Shadows Fall and Children of Bodom, but featuring a singer with a unique high range. There are probably closer comparisons, but when the band lists Genesis as something you are supposed to imagine them sounding like… either the band is messing with you or they misunderstood the question.

The Great Discord have released an audio track called, ‘Eigengrau’ from their upcoming album, “Duende”.

Drummer Aksel Holmgren comments:  “Eigengrau” is about drug addiction, and it tells a story both within the music and lyrics. The chaos at the start of the song is supposed to be representing the struggle with the psychological and emotional weight of addiction, and then as it progresses it reaches a point of giving in, an acceptance that this is going to kill you, it’s going to destroy you and your life and everything you have, and the music becomes more sorrowful.

Stick with it, it has a few movements… definitely some guitar talent in here as well… dig the soaring solos that are more about melody than speedy wankery…

The metal community has certain factions that start to get very ‘anti’ when bands start to pay too much attention to their image. It is sometimes perceived as cheap visual way to ‘sell’ something that is supposed to retain an audio purity.

But looking at the history of metal, image has always played a part. Even if it is a ‘jeans and tshirt only man’ anti-image.

The Great Discord feel the live show should have a strong visual element to give more to the overall appeal of the show.

It wouldn’t work if we just came out in jeans and T-shirts,” says Holmgren. “It needs to be spectacular, it needs to be some kind of show, and this theatrical element is important. It makes it more of an experience, it makes it more engaging, and it allows us to really bring these themes to life.

Helping bring themes to life... also quite possibly in your closet.

Helping bring themes to life… also quite possibly in your closet.