Review: Agent Orange

Agent Orange
““This, That-N-The Other Thing””
(Cleopatra Records)

A greatest hits disk of sorts from a band that’s been around since 1979 pushing their meld of surf and punk rock.  A staple of the skate scene, the band plays on through the vision of the solid OG member Mike Palm.  So what does one do when one has a 21-year-old band that has seen more member changes than some bands have played shows.  Re-record the tracks a bit tighter, a bit cleaner.  Being casually acquainted, I recognized a few old school songs.  “Everything Turns Grey” which I last heard Lagwagon doing a cover of on their last disk and “Bloodstains” with its chunka-chunka pulse and surf god solos.  You like Bad Religion, Circle Jerks or the Ramones?  Well, these guys have been rocking this for so long, I bet every one of those bands played with Agent Orange.  Many times.  Old School?  These are the guys passing out the smokes behind the school.  This is the pure clean west coast surf punk sound from its source.  Nice collection for the fans (and two new tracks that don’t stick out from the others).  Consider this textbook material for you Green Day punkers that need a lesson.