Review: Scott O’Connor “Among Wolves” Book

Scott O’Connor
“Among Wolves”
(Swannigan & Wright)

Jesus, Scott O’Connor writes neurotic well. This novella, a measly hour read, reminds me of a story I heard as a kid; two young sisters that have been chronically misbehaving come home to find no mother, but instead, a creepy hag with glass eyes and a wooden tail (foreign tales are odd). Its was a great story, but I don’t think I’ll ever trust Gypsies again. You know what, just read this book, it was awesome but I can’t reveal any of it because it was so fucking short I’d ruin the whole thing. Note to author or publisher: Group several of your stories together in one book. I feel like I was given the first chapter of an involving well-written novel and then my glasses break and I can’t replace them because an atomic bomb blew everything up and I’m stuck in this tragic, post-apocalyptic world, blind and ironic.

Rebecca Martin