Review: Amy Correia

Amy Correia
““Carnival Love””
(Capitol Records)

If you’’ve ever been (not been dragged) to a Lillith Fair show, you’ll probably dig this CD.  If you haven’t, you might like it anyway.  Singer/songwriter Amy Correia has a soulful, warbling voice that matches her quirky and somewhat strange view of the world.  Correia falls somewhere between folk and pop singer, and the album accordingly alternates a bare, acoustic sound with a more orchestrated, radio-friendly aesthetic.  Either way, Correia’’s lyrics are the album’s main attraction (her unique vocals are a close second).  Her talents as a songwriter allow her to manage a variety of subjects equally well.  For example, on the title track Correia chronicles the love lives of circus attractions, on “Starfishin’” she whimsically wishes a lover’s eye wouldn’’t wander, and  on the heartfelt “Gin” she examines the emptiness of the nightlife.  Resist the temptation to dismiss “Carnival Love” as music by a chick for chicks, and buy a ticket for a strange but entertaining ride with Amy Correia.  (Or you could get it for your sister- her birthday’s coming up).