Review: Belle & Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian
The Life Pursuit

This band has never failed to make wonderful music and every album is distinctly different from the last. The problem with being so ceaselessly innovative is that the bar is constantly being raised. Like any band, they have had their ups (“If You Are Feeling Sinister” & “Tigermilk”) and downs (“Boy With the Arab Strap” & “Dear Catastrophe Waitress”). It is worth noting, however, that ‘downs’ for B & S is still much better than ‘downs’ for most others. On their latest offering, the group from Glasgow forget the ‘happy shiny’ Waitress and remember that they used to have a lot more fun (“Push Barman”). “The Life Pursuit” feels like Mr. Murdock and Mr. Stuart have been channeling Mr. Bolan while watching Hair, but in a good way. The whole album just drips with Oogie Woogie Boogie and Oooahhs. Considering that most groups these days are busy unearthing Ian Curtis, anyone exhuming the glamour of Bolan gets an A for effort, if they manage to do it well, then its off to the honors classes for them.