Review: Berzerk

““This Silence Kills””
(Recess Records)

A brutal debut from Recess Records, Berzerk took me a few listens until I got over the brash vocals, but damn, I’m liking it now. With a female singer, I’m sure they’’ve already gotten quite used to people trashing their band before even listening, but if anything is to be said, this is one of the best female led bands I’ve heard. So there! More of a hardcore means fast punk, they come close to achieving the speed of The Neighbors, but slow it down with some smooth breaks. The singer doesn’’t really sing, mostly screaming, so if your looking for sappy melodic punk, go somewhere else. The vocals aren’’t much to look at, but I’’ve never really given a shit about lyrics anyways. Tight sound, with the only help needed is a better production on the vocals, they don’t seem as clear of a sound as they could. Pick this seven song release up, and check them out live. I’m sure they go off.