Review: Bleed

““Motor Psycho””

Dirty ol garage rock from my homeland of Wisconsin.  Milwaukee is a beer mecca, and Bleed must take advantage of this.  Stooges type rock with that I-don’t-give-a-fuck punk attitude.  The music is as greasy as the titles.  “Lusty Lady”, “Motor Psycho”, “Devil Woman” reflect the born for a David Lynch soundtrack mentality of Bleed.  “The Last Goodbye” is a crusty version of a song that could’’ve been on the Happy Days jukebox, but Bleed have shitty equipment.  Y’know those dudes that wear gas station shirts and their girlfriends all look like Betty Page?  They dig Bleed.  Y’know that artsy chick that hangs out at all the indie film festivals, wears a lot of black and specializes in shots of bourbon?  She digs Bleed.  That girl you met at Tower Records…she can’t stand these guys so stick to your U2 albums there.  But the rest of you that miss Iggy Pop inspired garage rock with a dirty twang, Bleed will probably play for beer in your living room.  This also makes a good soundtrack around 3 in the morning when you’’ve had way too much to drink and Bleed actually sound like a polished rock band.  But then you play them for your friend the next day, and he says you drink too much.