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back to book reviews home Author: Matt Bernstein Sycamore Title: That’s Revolting: Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation Publisher: Soft Skull

One of the lowlights of my life was when I was visiting my friend Micaela down in San Diego like eight years ago and her super-hot friend says, “Brian, come with me to the ATM” and then proceeded to ask me if I’d like to go out with her cousin. Who is a guy. She totally thought I was gay, which I now know a compliment, but then seemed like a real blow to my manliness. Big deal. “That’s Revolting” is a collection of essays and lengthy discussions by a bunch of people concerning their gayness. The varied articles pose such questions as “Can dykes (of all genders) have uncomplicated sexual adventure?” (pg. 117). And question whether or not post September 11th sentiments were anti-gay themed (Jindal, pg. 23). Fascinating, yes, and just because I’m not gay (no matter what you might think, Kelly, and yes, I’m sure your cousin is very nice and handsome) doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of interesting sentiments here.

Brian Greenaway