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BRIAN WERNER – interview by hunter bliss


Brian Werner is an amazing skater who started his own company, Deaf Skateboards. He also happens to be deaf. Since he can’t hear me, we had to do this interview over the crazy world of computers.

hunter (4:17:40 PM): Hey
brian (4:17:53 PM): Yo
brian (4:18:08 PM): I’m ready for the interview

brian (4:18:13 PM): I feel great today

hunter (4:18:29 PM): So dont worry about grammer, Ill correct it and send you a copy, k?
brian (4:18:39 PM): Great

hunter (4:18:53 PM): So your a deaf skateboarder?
brian (4:19:05 PM): Yeah. Deaf for life since birth
brian (4:19:20 PM): About 20 years skating

hunter (4:20:18 PM): I know being deaf is natural to you, but how do you think it has effected your skateboarding?
brian (4:20:59 PM): If i wasn’t deaf, I might be playing soccor, but I am, so I skateboard
brian (4:21:21 PM): I am glad I put my foot on a skateboard

hunter (4:22:16 PM): I am too. I personaly think that, since you’re deaf, it allows you to be more creative in skateboarding… it seems like it would keep your focus on your board
brian (4:23:13 PM): Yeah, I do whatever my hearts tells me
brian (4:23:53 PM): Just have fun

hunter (4:24:20 PM): Last night at that Deaf Skateboard party, Paul told me that you have landed every flip trick possible and that your still trying to think of new possibilties?
brian (4:25:38 PM): Yeah, I guess so. I skate whatever it is possible
brian (4:26:02 PM): I like to think something different for fun and see if it works
brian (4:26:14 PM): Sometime it work out pretty well

hunter (4:26:52 PM): So you have landed a triple kick flip, triple heel flip, 360 inward heel flip? Just every flip trick possible?
brian (4:26:54 PM): Make it more interested than same shit everywhere
brian (4:27:05 PM): Know what i saying?

hunter (4:28:11 PM): Do you like music? Can you hear it or feel the bass?
brian (4:28:51 PM): I can do any trick if i feel like it
brian (4:29:30 PM): Music is fun, but has to be very very loud, then I can feel the bass and dance for fun

hunter (4:29:58 PM): You got freaky on the dance floor last night?
brian (4:30:03 PM): Get all the bullshit out of my mind. Go skate or go dance
brian (4:30:26 PM): Not really, I am not that into it last night. Just sat back and chilled
brian (4:30:46 PM): Ankle hurts still, preventing me dancing

hunter (4:31:31 PM): Cool. So lets talk about your company Deaf Skateboards. How did the company evolve? Who are your riders?
brian (4:32:08 PM): So far, there are two riders in my company, Alex Brand and myself. I am checking on Monty Nolder and a few new riders

hunter (4:32:26 PM): Whos Monty Nolder?
brian (4:33:16 PM): He deaf’s and was pro for Hoisi in 1980, and he still skates vert. He’s old school
brian (4:33:32 PM): He said “I’d rather be deaf than blind” in Skateboarding Magazine back in 1980
brian (4:34:18 PM): Christian Hosoi
brian (4:34:52 PM): You know who?
hunter (4:35:12 PM): Yeah dude, he’s getting out of jail in 3 months [final month’s of a five year sentence for transporting over a pound of meth]
brian (4:35:39 PM): Thats dope. I cant wait to see him back skating. He fucks shit up – a bad ass skater

hunter (4:35:58 PM): How many Deaf Skateboarders do you think are in the world?
brian (4:36:23 PM): Very few. I heard some, but havent seen them
brian (4:36:46 PM): I am trying to help the deaf go skateboard and not be afraid of falling

hunter (4:37:24 PM): Why should deaf people be afraid of falling more so than hearing people?
brian (4:38:49 PM): If u see any deaf skaters, tell them to send me a ‘sponser me’ video and I’ll help them to get whatever they dream of

hunter (4:39:07 PM): What is special about Deaf Skateboards?
brian (4:39:35 PM): Special?
hunter (4:39:55 PM): (ear plugs included with every Deaf Skateboard)
brian (4:40:27 PM): Yeah, you should try and see how deaf people hear and skate
brian (4:40:53 PM): Have you checked yet? Should go check it out and it will tell you why it is so special.

hunter (4:41:09 PM): Fuck yeah, I will tonight. Have you been filming alot lately?
brian (4:41:58 PM): Not really. I’m in training right now, just having fun and getting used to it with my fixed leg. It has been four months, so i dont feel like ready to film yet. Maybe this summer… when my hearts tell me

brian (4:43:04 PM): And Alex Brand’s still filming for the Cowtown Video Teaser

hunter (4:43:22 PM): Alex is sick. Is he still in town?
brian (4:43:39 PM): He’s leaving tonight to go back to school on Monday

hunter (4:44:05 PM): Want to go skate the Embarcadero at 6pm?
brian (4:44:16 PM): Yeah . Are we done with the interview?

hunter (4:44:40 PM): I dont know, um.. who sponsors you?
brian (4:45:20 PM): Cowtown Skate Shop in Arizona, Deaf Skateboards and I forgot the rest of it.

hunter (4:45:50 PM): Hippy. Anyone you’d like to thank? Or any last words?
brian (4:47:44 PM): Big thanks to everyone who helps me and support my Deaf Skateboards and peace in Middle East. Make skateboards, not bombs
brian (4:48:23 PM): Thanks to Cowtown Skate Shop and evryone I skate with

hunter (4:48:24 PM): How about, skate or die to end it all?
brian (4:48:31 PM): SKATE OR DIE!

hunter (4:48:50 PM): Done. Hey, do you want to skate at the ramp instead of the Embarcadero?
brian (4:50:42 PM): No, we can do both. Alex has to leave at 9 tonight tho

hunter (4:51:40 PM): I’ll call him as we speak
hunter (4:51:57 PM): Its ringing
brian (4:52:06 PM): I cant hear anything
brian (4:52:22 PM): When it’s me and Alex at home, we don’t answer the phone

hunter (4:53:17 PM): I’m talking to chris right now. He says its cool. Lets meet there around 6pm?
brian (4:54:33 PM): Cool, see you then

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