Review: Cataract

(Ferret Music)

The best part of having this job is getting to review groups like Cataract that just blow my mind.  This hard-as-shit band slams their way from deep within Europe, specifically Switzerland.  They have been tearing apart stages all over Europe and leaving followers craving more.  As far as what type of music they play, lets just call it speedmetal.  Just listening to, “Golem” had me slamming myself into the walls.  They open up their album with a killer cut, “Loss of a smile”.  This incarnation tears apart you head, getting in and destroying any conservative remnant.  “I regret” and “Within four walls” are guitar driven metal explosions that make you question your sanity.  This whole album is shit-hot and is a must have for anyone who loves hardcore music.   “Two seconds” is the hardest song on the album and also has the best guitar work on it.  These guys play the hell out of their instruments and I am sure they go through strings and drum heads like crazy.  Park yourself at their website at and check out all the downloads they have as well as all their show dates.  They are making their U.S. debut this summer during the month of July, so be sure to catch them.  Ferret records has definitely hit pay dirt with Cataract.  Oh, by the way, if you want to know what a “Golem” is, you must by the CD.