Review: twothirtyeight

“Regulate the Chemicals”
(Tooth and Nail Records)

“Regulate the Chemicals” begins on a haunting, paranoid note with “Hands of Man,” a song that takes aim at the overly-medicated cuckoo’s nest we live in today.  It’s a cool song, but not really indicative of what’s to come, which is a diverse but balanced debut effort from Pensacola, Florida foursome  twothirtyeight.  There are quiet, gut-wrenching songs, like “Les Wirth” and “The Sticks Are Woven In The Spokes,” and there are also songs that aren’t afraid to cut loose and be a little bit loud, like “Songs Will Write The
Words.”  All are managed with equal skill, and all come off as genuine.  Here is a band that I would gladly drive a few hours to see in concert.