Review: 98 Mute

98 Mute
“After the Fall”

What do you do after you fall?  As an avid skateboarder, I spend more time on the cement than your average bear.  I usually lie on the ground for a while after I slam and look around to see if anyone witnessed my butt-grind to fakie face-plant.  If you’re 98 Mute, apparently you just write some snotty punk-core songs and kick some ass.  98 Mute has the whole pseudo-Cockney street punk thing down pat, as their Guttermouth-ish delivery makes for a quick and concise take on the state of the world and such issues as drug addiction, mass-media scapegoats and the like.  Unfortunately, that quick and concise delivery often comes at the expense of subtle intricacies that would have provided a nice boost to the record.  There’s nothing more annoying than digging the first three tracks of a CD only have the next ten wear our their welcome like a weekend guest who drinks all your beer and stays until Tuesday.  Except for executing a half-kickflip-elbow-grind-to-massive-blood-loss in front of a hot girl.  That always sucks.