Review: A.18

(Victory Records)

Roaring from Southern California, A.18 or AKA Amendment 18 spits true hardcore into your eardrum.  The lead singer Isaac Golub explodes with intensity and brutality that really mixes well with the mayhem coming out of Tom Stretton’s drum kit.  A.18 features founding members of Southern California straight edge bands Outspoken, Insted, and Chorus of Disapproval. “Foreverafternothing” is straight to the point hardcore that is reminiscent of those early hardcore days in the late 80’s, expressing true roots in hardcore A.18 shoves real aggression down your throat.

Victory should be proud to have such a band to help infect young kids head’s with real and positive hardcore that is truly needed in this day and age. Check out “Dig” and “Where I left off”, another thing to look at are the pictures in the CD sleeve. Some of the most intense and potent pictures I have ever seen. Basically they are black and white pictures that’ll make you question choices and consequences in life. So if the music doesn’t grab you (which would be unusual) then defiantly the pictures will.