Review: Across Five Aprils

Across Five Aprils
“A Tragedy In Progress”
(Indianola Records)

O.K. call me old fashion but when, and why did it become cool to mix grunting vocals with emo snivel?  Another observation, apperantly your not a hip hardcore band unless you have some creepy movie sample in one of your songs.  The only thing that’s different about Across Five Aprils is that they are tipping a little more on the emo side than most hardcore bands.

I swear if they bailed the grunting vocals they could have a pretty cool sound.  Or if they just milked thier hardcore angle more.  I just don’t know what to make of the, “I can be tough, and sensitive at the same time” angle, it just feels like an identity crisis to me.  From Autumn to Ashes is pretty popular these days and that’s kind of thier vibe, maybe my opinion is in the minority.  Well, I think I’d rather be if this is the way tastes are going.