Review: Agents Of The Sun

Agents Of The Sun

Without a doubt this is one of the more impressive debuts that hass come across my desk. Agents of the Sun “Aurora” is a multi-layered exploration in melodic rock. Signed to the same label that started the career of Nothingface, Agents of the Sun offer a new take on an otherwise stale sound. With an emphasis on hooks and melodies the band showcases a wealth of styles and talent.

With powerful songs like ‘Wellness’ and ‘Trap Door’ this band could go far and easily earn a respectable loyal fanbase. This debut shows quite a bit of promise but at times can showcase the band’s inability to follow through with the knockout punch needed to make a truly great album. The song ‘Memorial’ is weak in delivery and execution while ‘Make Slow’ seems to have no real direction but features a pretty powerful chorus that attempts to right that.

Without a doubt this is album is leagues above most of the releases I receive in a month. Agents of the Sun have developed a sound that is potent and infectious, now if they just harnessed all that potential they could make a fucking amazing album. For anyone that dug the band Onesidezero I definitely recommend these guys.