Review: A Jealousy Issue

A Jealousy Issue
“If the Flames Don’t Kill Us We Will”
(Indianola Records)

These guys are trying hard to make people like them.  They seem to be the dorky kid in the hardcore classroom.  They are a little metal, a little hardcore and a little rusty. They are definitely on their way to something great, but they haven’t quite reached it with “If the Flames…”.  The songs are repetitive with guitar riffs bleeding into one another and lyrics looping like a car tire stuck in the snow.  If you like the cake batter more than the cake, then A Jealousy Issue’s first LP will satisfy you, but if you like the finished product more, then wait for A Jealousy Issue’s next attempt. “If the Flames…” is on the right track, but they seem to still be feeling out the territory.  Any band that still says “rock and roll, motherfucker” in a song and is not being funny about it has not quite reached the level of doneness that I like my cakes at.

I would rather be the one saying “This is some rock and roll, my motherfucker,” instead of being told.  AJI may just be in the sophomore slump.  Support them now, give them lots of love and let them know you care.  Hopefully they will take the support to heart and release the potential they have. Until then enjoy the mediocre rock and roll, motherfucker.