Review: A Jealousy Issue

A Jealousy Issue
“Somebody Shoot Me, I Think I’m In Love”
(Indianola Records)

Another upset hardcore band thrashin’ and grunting thier way through an entire CD.  Is this how upset I would be if I wasn’t able to deal life’s hand me downs?  Would I ride a thin line between completely engulfing self pity, and  an obvious admitance of being a baby?  I mean if your playing hardcore metal, shouldn’t you be singing about punching a hole through someone’s mid section, or disecting road kill?
Or maybe they validate being able to sing about heartache because the music is tough, like they cancel themselves out.

The music itself is pretty angry, the lyrics are a complete nightmare.  If you don’t read the lyrics there’s a chance you might not understand, and if your a hardcore fan you might be into it.  But if your a hardcore fan would you be into lyrics like, “crush me with a kiss and let your lipstick stain the collar before you go.”?  Ugh.