Review: Alchemist

“Austral Alien”

Most likely this is the best band you’ve never heard.  A Middle Eastern vibe infused with Sepultura-like tribalism is hammered into a relief of rough-hewn heavy metal with tendencies towards the meditatively spacey.  If that description of their sound doesn’t make any sense it’s because their song writing is slippery, slimy, wet and defies one who attempts to get a firm grip on it.

I was impressed by these Australians’ last album, “Organasm”, and am no less awed by the “Austral Alien.”  The vocals are gruff, but nowhere near death metal.  The songs build up with a steady unnerving intensity that makes my heart quicken right along with its methodical march to greater and greater power.  This is a must-have for anyone who wants to explore.  Recommended for fans of obscure metal who want something cool to play for their lame-o numetal listening pals.