Review:  Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn
“Beating the Devil:  The Incendiary Rants of Alexander Cockburn”
(Alternative Tentacles Records)

Alexander Cockburn discusses a number of relevant topics facing the general public throughout these “rants” which are a collection of speeches recorded at the old and new AK Press Warehouses as well as from Mission High School located in San Francisco.

Cockburn addresses interesting issues such as the dealings with the World Trade Organization in Seattle, the “stolen election,” and the future of faith-based organizations.  This is done by adding a touch of humor, but more importantly by keeping a focus on presenting topics and crises that are arising in our society that require our attention.

He is able to offer alternative views to issues without sounding or coming off like an elitist.  He mentions opinions that expose some less-evident realities existent by way of illustrations like military spending and its ineffectiveness in our modern day economy.  This release is interesting to listen to and it has the potential to broaden our current views on subjects that prove to be rather important.