Review: Allegiance

“Hymns of Blod”

Allegiance plays Viking war metal or so says their bio and this at least is true if “Viking” is a synonym for “crappy” and “war” is also synonymous with “crappy.”  If both cases are true then it would be far more accurate to say Allegiance plays crappy crappy metal.  Now, as my friends could tell you, I am a fan of some profoundly crappy metal, but Allegiance takes it too far by one crappy.

The vocals are watered down, thin as tracing paper, screams and gurgles in the black metal tradition. The guitar is a constant blackish assault that occasionally strikes up a good folk metal melody but mostly is content to remain truly black.  The drumming is competent, but nothing to write to Santa about.  Only one of the song titles is in English, “The Third Raven,” and all the rest, including the lyrics as far as I know, are in Swedish.  As far as the Viking’s are concerned, they would have punked these guys out faster than you can say “fist me harder.”