Review: Antimatter

“Lights out”
(The End Records)

Fucking balls.  I’m sitting here, waiting, waiting for the goddamn album to get started.  I can’t write a review on sparse piano playing and whispering can I?  When is the fucker going to kick in?  Or is this it?

Is that a mandolin?  Now there’s an ultra-light industrial tinge coming in: big booming digitized drum.  I get it, it’s mood music, and the mood is forlorn, depressed and ever so darkly wanting.  I like it.  It’s good as a thing.  There’s a lot of feeling behind it.  It’s like a cross between that David Bowie stuff in the movie Lost Highway and later era Pink Floyd (Learning to Fly).  And it tends to take the best bits from the two.  I think some people might call this music “poetic”.  And that’s true; they use rhyme, assonance, alliteration.

They make sure the words have a flow, but the words themselves lack; they’re a little on the bad goth girl website side of things if you know what I mean.  But other lyrics are actually quite excellent.  I like “you could fight a war with just your face,” that’s good.  Different vocalists for different songs.  Men and women.  This is something I might grow to enjoy with time.  Wish I had some.