Review: Arma Angelus

Arma Angelus
“Where Sleeplessness is Rest From Nightmares”
(Eulogy Recordings)

If you’re squeamish, then don’t look at the cover art for this CD.  The front panel consists of a woman in bed, freshly murdered and soaked in blood.  The rest of the panels show the homicide scene as it unfolds.  Disturbing? Yes, but the art reflects this bands energy.  Listening to Arma Angelus is like listening to Helmet on speed.  Kick-ass grinding rhythms flowing into a fury backed by dead-on drums give Arma Angelus their sound.  “An Anthem for Those Without Breath and Heart” is the first track; a little weak for an opening track, but still effective.  The second cut, “We Are Pale Horse,” really outlines the album with its slamming style and half spoken lyrics.  Closing out the album with gale force is “I’m Every Broken Man”; an 11 minute soundscape of torture.  At  you’ll find a sweet little message from them plus MP3’s and pix.  Oh, don’t forget the hidden track, a cover of Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” you’ll find at the end of the last track.  If the sadistic part of you is calling out to inflict major casualties, then buy this album.  Hopefully you’ll take out your sickness on the CD and not the streets.  If not, then oh well…I tried.