Review: Audiovent

““Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris””

Question, if my aunt’s, coworker’s, daughter’s, mailman’s boyfriend lived three blocks from Kurt Cobain does that mean I deserve a big record deal and radio attention if I fart into a microphone for five minutes.  Audiovent is another who’s who’s cousin, brother, or son in rock n roll.  Three members of this band are at least vaguely related to members of Incubus.  The difference is that Audiovent is strikingly better than the other all in the family bullshit hitting the streets today.  They even had an independent record before this one.  The lyrics are candid and true especially on “The Energy” and “When The Rain.”  Jason Boyd’s voice sounds an awful lot like his brother’s, but not too much.  I like Jason’s delivery much better though.  The guitars are perfectly distorted for Jason’s voice and the riffs are great.  These guys listen to a lot of classic rock and it is definitely reflected in their music.  Get ready to be thoroughly annoyed though because the radio will surely play these guys out.