Review: Audra Kubat

Audra Kubat
“Million Year Old Sand”

Folky, far out acoustic jams that are deep and inspirational.  Audra Kubat’s songs have a haunting quality that makes each tune unique and approachable.  Audra’s vocals have been compared to that of old time folk all star Joni Mitchell, and from the few Joni Mitchell songs that I know, is not a comparison too far off.  Audra’s lyrics touch on social issues and paint deep impressions of the world around her and all of us.  Please remember that this is a folk album so if you’re not into soft subtle lullabies than you may want to get in touch with your sensitive side before taking this out for a spin.  If you are already a fan of such music than you may have just stumbled onto another delicate snowflake for your collection.  You may want to let Audra’s songs echo, ring, and melt into your brain.