Review: AutoMato

“Walk Into the Light”
(Dim Mak)

AutoMato may not have fallen into the hands of the right reviewer.  You see, I’m not the biggest fan of hip hop.  I do realize that I’m in the minority on this one, it’s just hard for me to get into.  There are a few groups that I can hag with, Outkast, Digable Planets, and a few others.  Lyrics have to be good, make me think.  AutoMato is good in the way that the music is different than most I’ve heard.

The instruments all sound live, and mixed well.  There are great beats, bass lines, spacey effects, and catchy guitar hooks. I can hang with the music, it’s really good.  Sometimes hip hop vocalists all sound the same to me, which is one of my hip hop hang ups.  There’s a track that is just vocals (I guess it’s a flow?) this really makes me feel like I’m out of touch.  It sucks.  I hate it, please at least add music, please!

It’s funny because one of the lyrics of this tune are “you can’t handle it, cause’ it’s much too much”  Yeah your right, I can’t handle it.  I’ll leave this album for the rest of the world to enjoy.  I’ll just stick to rock music at dive bars.