Review: Badman’’s Bedtime Maladies

Various Artists
“Badman’’s Bedtime Maladies”
(Badman Recording Co.)

I like to really get inside what I do and really understand its true meaning.  I once drank two 40s before a final because I was doing market research for an essay I had to write about Miller Brewing Company and in that case it didn’t really help me with the final.  To make a long story short, like the name would indicate I listened to this album five days straight right before I went to bed.  Ironically, I also had the flu for the last three days.  There are some really good mellow minimalist indie acts on this compilation.

The first three tracks from James William Hindle, Ill Lit, and My Morning Jacket are probably the most notable tracks and I’m not sure if this is because I dosed off for the rest or what.  My morning Jacket especially gets my blood flowing because of the synth, very live sounding drums and often trodding vocals.

Another excellent rack is the live version of “bass song” by Hayden who sounds pretty killer live.

This comp. is definitely for the sad sappy sucker in us all, but has some very good new acts you should really check out.

The other bands featured on this record are Ken Stingfellow, Lanterna, Eric Shea and the High Deserters, Misc, Rebecca Gates, and aula Frazier and Mark Eitzel.