Review: Beatsteaks

“Living Targets”

Every now and then a band comes along that kicks your ear in the ass. The Beatsteaks from Germany are such a band. “Living Targets”, their 2nd release on (Epitaph), is the latest weapon in an ever increasing wave punk/rock invasion from Europe. If you are into The Hives or The (International) Noise Conspiracy then you’ll like this raw indie/rock album. I must have played this cd  100 times before I came up for air.  Their first album may have charged listeners with an energetic jolt, but “Living Targets” comes out and kicks you in the ass and says sit down and pay attention.  There are a lot of excellent fast paced songs that actually enhance the much slower tunes.  You may think that they are not much different than their punk/rock contemporaries but if you listen closely they do indeed have an edge which, in my opinion, makes this the sleeper-hit album of the year.