Review: Black Nasa

Black Nasa
(Meteor City)

Spacey stoner rock, man.  Fuzzy guitars, heavy reverbs and echos that all seem to have this laid back smile to them.  Soulful and bluesy with some indie rock flair in how the band can strip songs down and build them up.  Bands that rock hard sometimes have a problem with laying off the gas pedal.  Or maybe that’s their secret to rock.  But when Black Nasa can slide the seat back, get sassy for a verse or two, then kick out the righteous rock riffs, the rock gets dare I say… original.  Is it possible?  A rock band with any level of original sound?  No, it’s not possible.  But Black Nasa give it great try.  Embracing effects enough to notice, but not so much they drown themselves in abstract sound is the attraction here.  Think the Supersuckers if they went to college in the Pacific Northwest and didn’t embrace that country vibe.  A dash of Floyd on some subtle keyboards, and not so subtle solo jams rounds out the obvious influences here.  Three pieces that rock this well deserve some kind of award.