Review: Bloodjinn

“Leave This World Breathing”
(Goodfellow Records)

The album sounded promising with a nice little lick lifted from the introduction to Deathrow’s “Deception Ignored” and followed up with a chugging guitar reaching a crescendo in the introduction of the onslaught of the drumming and vocals.  Both of which then proceed to ruin the album after only thirty seconds.  The production on the drums is strictly pickle bucket played in the basement and the raw death metal vocals sound like they were recorded with a unidirectional microphone inserted in the drummer’s butt as opposed to in front of the singer’s mouth.  But then again, maybe I should give them their production foibles a break.  They do write honest, straight forward death metal and lord knows you’ll have a hard time finding that anywhere else.  What choice do you have really?  I mean, we’re practically in the midst of the great death metal drought of double ought two and ain’t nobody gonna pass up the chance for death metal in the current famine.  Please, people, listen to my plea, if you play an instrument or think you might be able to play an instrument after a couple hours of practice then please, form a death metal band today.  The world needs one.  You and your uncle can start the next great wave of death metal.  Hurry!  Apply today. Bloodjinn are very talented and have a clever name.