Boss Martians
“Making The Rounds”
(Musick Recordings)

Seattle band Boss Martians have succeeded in combining their initial stylings of retro  garage/surf rock with just the right touch of new wave/punk flavor and created  a hard rocking, hook driven, power pop, good old fashioned rock ‘n roll sound on their 4th LP, “Making The Rounds.” From the opening track and title song, with its infectious beat and guitar riffs that still carry a strong underlying garage band sound, through the final track, “Every Girl In Town,” that’s more of a retro ’60s, Brit influenced tune with lots of great instrumental bridges, this album takes you on a wild ride you don’t want to get off of! “Something’s There” has echoes of Humble Pie, while pop anthem “Feel It Like Everyone” reminds me of Tom Petty or Allman Bros. because of that Southern Rock beat. The Seattle sound of “She Was The One” is a major rocker and Evan Foster’s vocals give it an edgy feel. With it’s driving bass line provided by Steve Davis and just right percussion from Jason Reavis, my personal favorite is “Dreaming In Stereo.” This song has everything going right: a bouncy beat, a tricky vocal, a great bridge featuring Nick C. on keyboards and Foster on lead guitar and an end that stops on a dime, it’s a way cool tune. A few of the songs sound a bit like each other, but overall this is a fun listen that keeps you hitting the “Repeat” button. A good investment for fans of all kinds of rock ‘n roll.