Review: Boys Night Out

Boys Night Out
“Make Yourself Sick”

I think everyone will agree, the last thing we need is another emo/hardcore group because the scene is already way too crowded as it is. It’s getting to the point now where every day I hear of another band that merges melodic emotional vocals with pop sensibilities and the aggression of hardcore. Joining the list is Canada’s very own Boys Night Out, Ferret Records’ answer to Taking Back Sunday. While I didn’t want to hear another emo band any more than you did, these guys are pretty good.

Tracks like “I Got Punched In The Nose” showcases Boys Night Out’s ability to try keep things fresh and original with an infectious singalong in mid-song too good to be denied. For some reason I got that same feeling in the pit of my stomach when I first heard this the same way I felt when I first heard Taking Back Sunday mere weeks after the album release. I came in with my own set of bias before I even heard these guys, but please don’t because these guys deserve to be heard. There’s something about this CD that has their songs playing in my head even when I’m at work. Goddamn them.