Review: Brazil

“A Hostage and the Meaning Of Life”

What the fuck!  Is this Mars Volta?  Sounds like em’.  The vocals at times almost sound a little glam though.  This CD came in a little white CD jacket with no cover or info, I hate that.  What does Brazil look like?  What kind odd CD art are they into?  Who’s on their thank you list?  These are all things I would like to know.  What’s that you say?  Go on-line and look.  No, I want that shit handed to me with the rest of the CD.  I’m not just reviewing the music, I’m reviewing the whole damn package!  Well, it looks like this review will be stripped down to the music only.

Brazil sounds like a poppier more simplified version of At The Drive In.  That’s what I think, and if the guys in this band have afros, I would be seriously disappointed in Brazil.  If you’re fans of the aforementioned bands then you should check this out, you’ll be pumped.